Mein Lebenslauf / My Curriculum Vitae 

Meine Welt / My World

Manderin Oriental 2018 

Room & View 2018

La Dolce Vita 2018

Cherry Garden 2018

Breakfast 2018

Singapore River Cruise 2018 

Mulau Merah Banyuwangi 2018

Grajagan Beach Banyuwangi 2018

Bandung Vulcano Lake 2018

Floating Market Bandung 2018

Lombok Novotel 2018

My first lecture on a 6.9 eathquake in Lombok on 05.08.2018

Another impression of this earthquake

Also this perspective of the earthquake is very impressive

Original Lombok Village 1 2018

Original Lombok Village 2 2018

Water Castel Lombok 2018

Bali Benoa Novotel

My Sommer 2017 in Pati  

Culinary Innvoations with my students

Me, my world, my cooking...

The way I feel the world 



Bruno AJ Baumann

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